I Write My Story is a literacy initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of writing among all students to ensure future successes in any career path students may choose.  The mission of the organization is to motivate students to write creatively and discover the importance and benefits of quality writing, while improving literacy skills in all academic areas.  This goal is accomplished by providing students with a musical program featuring songwriting.  Students will embrace a fun musical experience that incorporates personal stories through poetry, storywriting and song.  Students will be provided a personal writing journal to encourage their creativity.  They will hear an inspiring message from the program that will assist in introducing students to ways of being creative both in the classroom and at home.  The broader message emphasizes that writing is a critical component and a necessary skill to compete effectively in life in order to fulfill potentials and reach goals towards a successful path.  Donating or becoming a sponsor, will place a journal in the hands of each student attending a school program and leave them inspired to write and be successful!