I Write MY Story INc.

  I Write My Story is a literacy initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of writing among all students to ensure future successes in any career path students may choose.  The mission of the organization is to motivate students to write creatively and discover the importance and benefits of quality writing, while improving literacy skills in all academic areas.  This goal is accomplished by providing students with a musical program highlighting songwriting.  Students will embrace a fun musical experience that incorporates personal stories through poetry, story writing and song.  Students will be provided a personal writing journal to encourage their creativity.  They will hear an inspiring message from the program that will assist in introducing students to ways of being creative both in the classroom and at home.  The broader message emphasizes that writing is a critical component and a necessary skill to compete effectively in life in order to fulfill potentials and reach goals towards a successful path.


I WRITE MY STORY School Visit:

When the foundation visits a school, Mountain Faith Band will be presenting the musical portion of the program, featuring their original songs and the stories that encouraged the writing of these songs.  They will incorporate musical interactions with the students as well, giving them the opportunity to be part of the band!  They will also bring a message of motivation, respect, encouragement and preparation for future successes.  Every student will receive their own personal journal, pen and pencil to begin their writing journeys.  Many students will get to experience a musical concert for the first time performed by a nationally recognized band.


  • Program cost will vary depending upon distance/travel expenses for the band.  The range will be based upon their normal flat fees for concerts, ranging between $3,500-$8,000.  A corporate sponsorship can cover the cost of a school visit.  The school program will last for approximately one hour.  The band will socialize with students/staff based on school preferences.  They will gladly sign autographs, eat lunch with students/staff, completely in agreement with school preferences.


  • I Write My Story will provide the school with an introductory video of Mountain Faith Band with some background information about the band and the foundation.  Additionally, IWMS sends at least two staff members to assist with the program and social media for the event.


  • We do encourage schools to work with the community partners to assist with the cost of the program.  However, we do have corporate sponsors that support this initiative and ask that your school provide a simple "thank you" to our sponsors and let them know your thoughts of the program.  Names and addresses will be provided for your feedback.

Why Journals for Every Student?

In order to improve writing successes, students need access to writing materials.  Over 50% of low-income families have no access to quality print in their homes.  Introducing students to age-appropriate books and access to writing materials has been shown to almost triple their interest in reading and writing within a few months.  Studies indicate that children growing up in households with books and outlets for creativity are more likely to extend their years in school and advancing to college.  It is critical, especially early in education to put books and writing supplies in the hands of students to address the literacy crisis in our country.